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sono anni che utilizzo GNOME con piacere, soddisfazione, quasi affetto, sicuramente convinto di aver visto crescere uno strumento che vada al di là di un semplice desktop manager

via emmanuele, ho scoperto un po’ tardi che in questi giorni si svolgeva a istanbul (si conclude oggi) il GUADEC (GUADEC (pronounced GWAH-DEC) is an acronym for the GNOME Users? And Developers? European Conference.), e pian piano da l� ho cominciato a leggere su quello che � tracciato, del futuro di GNOME

Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS released

The Ubuntu team is proud to announce the release of Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS, the
first maintenance update to Ubuntu's 8.04 LTS release.

In all, over 200 updates have been integrated, and updated installation
media has been provided so that fewer updates will need to be downloaded
after installation.  These include security updates and corrections for
other high-impact bugs, with a focus on maintaining stability and
compatibility with Ubuntu 8.04 LTS.

To Get Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS

To download Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS, or obtain CDs, visit:

Beginning with this maintenance release, users of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS will be
offered an automatic upgrade to 8.04 via Update Manager.  As always,
upgrades to the latest version of Ubuntu are entirely free of charge.  For
further information about upgrading, see