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current activity
current activity

current activity

at the moment, i am translating “European perspectives and work of the FSF Europe” (FSFE web site)
it has been an exciting moment, last tuesday, when i became member of milug: it’s going to be a very useful experience, as i hope to be useful as a web staff member of their web site

i am also – in a background process – thinking about lugpiacenza and its future: it cannot go on surviving just as a mailing-list, it has to become an association
it also deserves a better web site to promote itself, and i would like to adopt flexile as a cms, but i shall wait for roberto’s come back from vacation before taking a decision


i should say that flexile is a fresh, light and innovative cms, but it’s not actually as mature as i expected a cms to be for a ready-to-go publishing system: that’s why i’m going to work with simone sorato to migrate flexer’s cms from postgres to mysql and bring it on the road with us to improve it and make it more robust

by the way, the end of next november (linux day 2004) will be the very target point of a season

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