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new extensions for firefox
new extensions for firefox

new extensions for firefox

new delicious extension
Come molti avranno notato navigando sulle pagine di, ci sono novità per l’add-on di delicious per firefox (e anche per IE)…
completa di icone utissime per la status bar e di pannello di esposizione e ricerca nella sidebar, oltre alle classiche icone per la toolbar (tagga un bookmark, mostra la sidebar, vai alla propria pagina dei bookmark)

ecco dal post dell’annuncio le caratteristiche salienti:

Firefox Add-on, there are a few nifty new features:

  • Jump to Tag feature (press F2) allows you to quickly access tags and
    bookmarks using the keyboard
  • New layout for saving bookmarks
  • Preferences now in a separate dialog under Tools (which also can be
    invoked via the prefs button on the FF Add-ons pane)
  • Status bar indicators for network activity, new links for you, and the website
  • Classic mode for users who just want simple buttons without the overhead of sync

Like any beta release this Firefox Add-on is meant to provide you with a preview of upcoming features. Some of the features and interface choices, like Jump To Tag, are experimental and may change before we officially launch and we’re eager to hear your feedback on the changes, especially if you think we can do certain things better. If you have issues or comments, please let us know in the delicious-firefox-extension Yahoo! Group.

Download it here.
Also, since this is prerelease software, please do not submit support requests via the normal channel- we have a Yahoo! Group for discussion of the Firefox 3 Add-on.


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