May 11, 2011 — RT News line

Italian broadcaster fined for featuring Berlusconi

­The Italian Communications Authority, Agcom, fined the news department of the state national channel Rai 100,000 euros for mentioning Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi too frequently and for ignoring the opposition. The decision was taken after a weeks-long analysis of the channel’s broadcasts on the approaching regional elections, which will take place the Apennines region on May 15 and 16. Berlusconi tops the Milan list of his People of Freedom party. Agcom also demanded other channels limit the frequency of references to Berlusconi, and fairly split the time among the representatives of the ruling party and the coalition.

via May 11, 2011 — RT News line.

Che sarebbe a dire, noi – specificando… quei cittadini che pagano il canone – paghiamo una multa che un organo dello stato commina a un’impresa di stato che viola un regolamento nazionale per adulare il capo del governo a cui piace fare campagna elettorale permanente di se’ stesso.


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