"Rest of the world is stupid" collection: light-locker against a screensaver world

Can I have a screensaver other than the blank screen with light-locker?

In a word – no.

If you need a screensaver for whatever reason, perhaps using a TV for a monitor and don’t want a blank screen, then you will need to remove light-locker and install some alternative, like xscreensaver.

via Screen locking in Xubuntu 14.04 « Xubuntu.



I think that, sometimes, strong decisions are good evidence.

But starting from a moot point and finishing to a short cut lead often to risible motivations.
I could endure something like “we forked gnome screensaver and we had no much time to develop all the stuff, so take this as our best effort for the moment.
I can’t bear a perspective where “common people are stupid and we reinvented the whell square ’cause we are the geniuses“.

I know that it’s an increasing trend, but going back to stone age it’s not fascinating, in my humble opinion.