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Something Engineer
Something Engineer

Something Engineer

(thoughts about terms and job titles)

my current consultancy position may assume several and curious job titles, if you look around

anyway the most used out there is “devops engineer”, which sounds weird to actual software engineers

starting from here, you get a world of so many quaint job titles that you can’t imagine

most of them require you to think some minutes about the real meaning, what they’re doing in real life is not so easy to understand


but in my case, DevOps is not a thing you have to create, manipulate or think about, it’s a methodology

a lot of people claimed that being an engineer of a methodology is inappropriate and they’re right, from a language point of view

but living language and, above all, sloppy head hunters’ lists of skills and requirements, have overtaken good intentions


cases of something

it gets quite difficult to understand that a “Customer Engineer” is not a person who designs “customers”, but an engineer dedicated to a specific customer (or a restricted set of)

(and yes, I like writing in English and Italian both, it’s up to you, reader, to decide, if you feel bothered or not)

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