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[Ubuntu Firefox] "Your browser does not support OpenSearch search plugins"

If you use ubuntu-repo firefox, maybe you’ll get this error

Your browser does not support OpenSearch search plugins

I found, amongst many curious posts, that such behaviour is caused by Unity Desktop Integration (have a look in Firefox extensions)…

Unity Desktop Integration

So, it’s easy, just disable it and restart Firefox


then try to add a plugin, from Mycroft site for instance


And it works!

functions have to be small

from Clean Code:

The first rule of functions is that they should be small. The second rule of functions is that they should be smaller than that.


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WordPress › Help Stop SOPA/PIPA

Some thoughts:

In the U.S. our legal system maintains that the burden of proof is on the accuser, and that people are innocent until proven guilty. This tenet seems to be on the chopping block when it comes to the web if these bills pass, as companies could shut down sites based on accusation alone.

Laws are not like lines of PHP; they are not easily reverted if someone wakes up and realizes there is a better way to do things. We should not be so quick to codify something this far-reaching.

The people writing these laws are not the people writing the independent web, and they are not out to protect it. We have to stand up for it ourselves.

Blogging is a form of activism. You can be an agent of change. Some people will tell you that taking action is useless, that online petitions, phone calls to representatives, and other actions won’t change a single mind, especially one that’s been convinced of something by lobbyist dollars. To those people, I repeat the words of Margaret Mead:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

We are not a small group. More than 60 million people use WordPress — it’s said to power about 15% of the web. We can make an impact, and you can be an agent of change. Go to Stop American Censorship for more information and a bunch of ways you can take action quickly, easily, and painlessly. The Senate votes in two weeks, and we need to help at least 41 more senators see reason before then. Please. Make your voice heard.

via WordPress › Help Stop SOPA/PIPA.

a small wish-list for google plus

Screenshot-Google+ - Mozilla Firefox (Build 20110622232440)As we can see, google plus is becoming richer week after week, of new features, and bug fixes too.
things I’d like to see most are two:

  1. – integration with google reader, putting our aggregated feeds (or selected ones, to avoid noise) into the stream
  2. – configurable stream: a panel where you can choose what & who may appear in the main flushing stream

I think they’ll fix things like: +1s given in plus not shown in “+1’s” panel; when you post you can attach just one kind of stuff;  and some other bugs in android app (annoying: you can’t give +1 on comments; you can’t limit reshare on posts; etc.), I’m rather confident 😉

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